So, it’s London Tech Week…


It’s been that since Monday (12th of June) but we didn’t know that and we should have. Esp since we’re so into everything tech right now.. clearly.

We could make up another blog about the latest gadgets, new hack discoveries or how we fair with cutting edge robotics but we read about that all over the net.

So we thought to share what we discovered on our Virgin Flight back from across the pond last week. … wait for it, hang tight..

‘Seat Chatting’!

…and we’re not talking face to face like with your mate or the passenger who closes his eyes on purposes or plugs his earphones in to avoid conversation.

We’re talking about a ‘whatsapp-like’ service that allows you to message other passengers in-flight from the media hub screen in front of your seat.

Set up takes seconds; then you can invite other ‘seat numbers’ to a conversation and before you know it you’re pinging all the cheesy emoticons back and forth with not much to say except.. ‘this is cool huh’.. But the shiny new toy lost its glimmer after 10 minutes. Although the touch screens are handy to speed browse the movie catalogue, trying to type messages with your arms stretching out in-flight is a bit of a nauseating balancing act. At least for some that is. It’s obviously meant for friends or family that haven’t been lucky enough to sit with their mates or keeping the younger gen occupied.

Fun tech we call it… but perhaps the need for a quick speed type console to go with it would make for a much better experience.

In other news, we’re proud to be attending the Africa Business Technology Network next week. It’s set to pack a punch with over 150 delegates from across Europe and Africa attending.

The ATBN Forum which takes place on the 21st of June 2017 brings together key players from established businesses, investment funds and leading consultancies to government agencies, ecosystem builders and start-ups to foster collaboration and create a balanced discussion around driving growth in the African technology sector.

For more information and to register go to

Hope to see you there.




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