Nov Business Lounge – Let’s Talk Social Media

Don’t let the title fool you that this is a post on some feminist weekend chit chat about the most followed, trendiest or most talked-bout peeps on social media today. No way, far from it.

Our lounge event was a real testament of talented, passionate and curious multi-ethnic women ready to grasp all tricks of social media and its ultimately vital role in expanding their emerging businesses.

We were joined by ever so generous Roz Walsh, Communications Director at one of leading UK charities. Roz beautifully dismantled what sometimes can be a very overwhelming world of tweeting, hashtags, Facebook posts, Insta perfect images and all that millennial jazz. Step by step we stormed through planning, developing and implementing social media strategies.

Here are some key points to bear in mind when building your social marketing strategy.


  • Brand. What’s your brand positioning statement ( can you describe your business within a sentence, you have 30 sec, Go!)
  • Audience. Who’s your target audience (don’t try to save the whole world, identify your key buyers, clients, audience i.e. if your business is selling clothes for mature women, focus on such age group only).
  • Authenticity. Look closely at your business, what and who it represents – the brand is you so be YOU at all times! People will relate to real people and soon recognise business who aren’t genuine.
  • Competitors. Nobody likes those, we’d rather pretend we are the only ones out there. Time to put those blinkers off and start keeping a close eye on your competitors and do a better job. Ooh, and follow your competitor’s followers 😉
  • Key Influencers – be social, engage with them. Borrow & improve! As much as half of your sale/traffic can come out of this.


  • Track yourself – aim for a min of 1% likes out of your total amount of followers. And don’t forget to preview  your Facebook content on your mobile – you want your posts to be punchy and stand out from the very start of someone reading your post on the go.
  • Plan ahead – create a calendar with key activities / awareness day relevant to your business and create content ahead of these events, be ahead. You can create a simple excel spreadsheet or you can find/purchase a lot of templates online.


Facebook – very useful tool to promote your business. You can put money behind your chosen posts/events and boost your audience reach even further. To track such activities, remember to check “Insights” section, which shows your page clicks, posts views, impressions, likes, audience reach etc.

Instagram – great tool for visual products. Your should aim at posting the best pictures you have. Don’t go too crazy with a use of hashtags (4-6 is plenty) and neither with the frequency of posting new stuff, bearing in mind, it varies based on a nature of your business.

Twitter – not everyone is keen on twitter, however, you can tweet away as much as you like and keep up with the latest news and interesting facts on industries interesting to you.

If you have any other tips, feedback and comments on social media strategy, share the love with us 🙂




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