National Stress Awareness Day

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I’ve recently read an article on how some women are currently suffering from a constant anxiety. Anxiety around too many choices we face today. From choosing what coffee to have to start a day, what next cool holiday destination to pick, through to what careers to pursue, location to buy a property in and which way to “swipe” on your phone to find Mr right.

Bombarded with messages, marketing and adverts everywhere we turn in ever-changing technology savvy world we live in. Yep, it’s totally priceless to be connected with friends, families and people we admire but on the other hand there’s this huge risk of trying to live up to some pretty artificial standards that others set for us. It’s also the others who seem to approve what we do / what we look like by the amount of likes we get. What’s going on here??

All I know, being in my mid 30s, is that it’s OK to not have a plan all the time. It’s OK not to know where to travel next, what and where my next job should be. It’s also perfectly OK to take a step back and reflect on everything I have achieved. Most importantly, I’ve learned that sometimes our stress and anxiety might come from our own surroundings, things and people we surround ourselves with. Look at what’s making you uneasy, unsettle and let go off what’s not serving you.

Love yourself, love people and use things.

More info on stress and stress prevention and wellbeing, you might want to check out


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