Business Lounge no 1. “Humble Beginnings”

What does hair, social media and cultural societies have in common? You’d be surprised..or at least we were.

Our business lounge launched last Saturday and these were just a tiny representation of the diverse mix of interesting things we got to talk about.

There’s nothing cooler than a group of women huddled around food, coffee and chat on a brisky weekend morning. Actually there is.. the same group, the same food and an added willingness to collaborate on all things business. From start-up to upscale and from grassroots to  branching out.

That’s what iProtégé is about… we’d like to call ourselves cultural architects providing a space for women to flourish.

We met FulaniRoots founder Susana, Rachael, founder of the Ghanaian Society @Manchester University and ‘all-round-go-to-it-girl on everything social media and networking for millennials’ phew, Natasha, yes she really is that fierce.

The honest truth..we face pretty the same issues when building a business.. procrastination, ‘the daddy of all pain and frustration’, finding mentors and of course securing investment among other things. But to be honest it was nice to lay aside inhibitions too often associated with a group of women working together…no sour-grapes at this table…

Let’s celebrate our success much more openly. After all, sharing, collaborating and inspiring  can only lead to new ventures.

Stay tuned for more details about our next Business Lounge on Sat 5th Nov 16′

Des and Kat x

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” Helen Keller.


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